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4.66774 310
 310 votes - Health & Fitness - iOS 14.0&up - First release: 2017-10-03T22:08:01Z

Quitting smoking is really hard - and like anything really hard you’ll be more successful going into it with a plan, skills, confidence and support. P.. Read more

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4.64219 2261
 2261 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2012-05-15T06:58:11Z

You just stopped smoking or you are about to say goodbye to cigarettes ... but you sometimes lack motivation? Kwit is the application you need to quit smoking! A SCIENTIFIC METHOD TO SUPPORT YOU IN Y.. Read more

4.77498 56177
 56177 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2013-02-27T00:23:13Z

** More than ten people stop smoking every hour with Smoke Free ** This is the app that science built. Over 40 different, evidence-based, techniques will help you get - and stay - smoke free. See and.. Read more

4.72093 215
 215 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2020-12-17T08:00:00Z

A modern, enjoyable and no-guilt approach to quit smoking. QuitSure is a scientific approach to quit smoking easily and permanently. It's a 6 days program which guides you to quit smoking without an.. Read more

4.80904 4116
 4116 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2019-05-14T15:25:26Z

Are you looking for a quit smoking tracker to quit cannabis for life? Or are you looking for a quit weed tracker that will also help you take a tolerance break? You need Grounded: Quit Weed - the #1.. Read more

4.73144 458
 458 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2020-04-18T07:00:00Z

EasyQuit - Stop Smoking App helps you quit your smoking habit for good. It has a quit smoking slowly mode that works flawlessly, scientific health statistics, money saved by quitting smoking, personal.. Read more

4.36606 1314
 1314 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2010-11-08T22:26:25Z

The right support is essential to quit smoking. That’s why the LIVESTRONG.COM team built the physician-approved MyQuit Coach app. Get your own personalized plan to help you finally stop smoking, once .. Read more

4.8868 5725
 5725 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2019-10-14T07:00:00Z

Quitting can be difficult and overwhelming, but with Quit Vaping it becomes a lot easier. We provide many resources that have been proven to help people stop vaping. We created the first ever Buddy Sy.. Read more

4.91521 48902
 48902 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2019-04-05T16:09:33Z

Take small steps toward big health improvements with the Rally Coach™ app. Our app has programs for weight loss, quitting tobacco, diabetes prevention, diabetes management, and wellness coaching.* R.. Read more

4.66899 8033
 8033 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2017-01-03T20:28:19Z

This app has already helped over a million users quit smoking. How can it help you? In the beginning there is your decision. Let's not fool ourselves. If you are not serious, it will be difficult. Bu.. Read more

4.61364 88
 88 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2021-04-02T07:00:00Z

Have you ever seen a quit smoking program that didn’t feel like slow torture? Quitting with Quit Guru is as easy as hitting the play button and listening to audio sessions for a few minutes a day. RE.. Read more