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4.93436 1473929
 1473929 votes - Travel - iOS 11.0&up - First release: 2017-05-09T23:44:43Z

Unlock your ride and your city with Lime, the #1 electric scooter and bike sharing app. Our micro-mobility solutions including dock free rental bikes,.. Read more

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4.53925 266674
 266674 votes - Travel - First release: 2017-06-21T23:12:25Z

Spin gives you the freedom to move. Just download our easy-to-use, reliable app for access to thousands of shared scooters and bikes across the country. Need a lift? Hop on a Spin for a safe and affor.. Read more

4.87131 3629
 3629 votes - Travel - First release: 2018-08-31T21:06:40Z

YOUR VOI ADVENTURE STARTS HERE Voi is the #1 electric scooter sharing service in your city. Get the Voi app, find a Voi scooter and start riding. HOW VOI WORKS 1. Download the app 2. Create you.. Read more

4.88711 1001
 1001 votes - Travel - First release: 2019-09-04T07:00:00Z

Electric Scooter Rental App Lynx Your City today with our easy rental app. Our electric scooter rentals are a fun and convenient way to travel around your city or college campus. View the map within .. Read more

4.87262 839651
 839651 votes - Travel - First release: 2017-09-11T23:53:02Z

Bird gives you access to shared electric scooters and personal electric vehicles in 100+ locations worldwide. Whether you’re headed to work, class, or just need a breath of fresh air, Bird gets you to.. Read more

4.5 11095
 11095 votes - Travel - First release: 2017-06-26T18:05:53Z

Meet JUMP by Uber. Electric bikes and scooters available when you need them. Go further, get there faster, and have more fun. You can find JUMP bikes and scooters nearby—in the app. Reserve ahead of .. Read more

5.0 2198
 2198 votes - Travel - First release: 2019-01-10T11:52:01Z

Responsible mobility to enhance your city and build a cleaner, safer, better-connected world. Circ is your key to a smooth, fair-priced ride through the city – on one of the most robust scooters out t.. Read more

4.39231 3301
 3301 votes - Travel - First release: 2017-09-01T04:55:16Z

WIND is a smart dock-less mobility platform. We offer dock-free electric scooter (WIND, “E-Scooters”) and bicycle rentals to fulfill short distance urban trips. We are committed to providing you with .. Read more


Lyft, Inc.

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4.91842 8827326
 8827326 votes - Travel - First release: 2012-05-31T00:43:05Z

Count on Lyft to take you where you need to go with safety first. Got an appointment? Need to pick up some groceries? We’ll match you with a driver, help you find the quickest bus route, or show you t.. Read more

eGo Scooters

eGo Scooters Key West LLC

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4.65217 23
 23 votes - Travel - First release: 2019-11-25T08:00:00Z

eGo gives you access to shared e-scooters, whether you’re headed to work or just need to explore, eGo Scooters gets you to your destination with ease. No traffic, no pollution and a convenient, eco-fr.. Read more

4.72727 33
 33 votes - Travel - First release: 2020-05-12T07:00:00Z

Unlock your ride and your city with Kicky, the first Georgian electric scooter sharing app. Our micro-mobility solutions are available anytime to get you across town. Simply tap to find a ride near yo.. Read more