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VOI Scooters: Get Magic Wheels

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Description - 17+

Voi is the #1 electric scooter sharing service in your city. Your Voi adventure starts here!

Ride the future on a Voi scooter. The easy, fun, and eco-friendly way to travel, commute and explore your city. Unlock a Voi and travel in total freedom - all free from emissions. 

Voi is ideal for the big adventure or for the last few hundred meters:
-    Morning and evening commutes
-    Fast travel across the city to meetings
-    Rides to or from class
-    Join friends for dinner or a date
-    Explore new cities while on vacation and go on urban adventures

How Voi works:
1.  Download the app and log in
2.  Find an e-scooter nearby
3.  Unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code
4.  Ride to your destination and end your ride in the app

It costs 1€ (€0 in Spain), 10 KR, 10 DKK (30 DKK in Åårhus) or 10 NOK to unlock a scooter, and then you pay per minute. The minute price varies from city to city, so find your minute price by tapping a scooter in the app!

Why do you need Voi? There's nothing quite like it. Voi’s electric scooters offer a quicker alternative to walking, a smoother alternative to riding a bicycle and a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel-driven buses, taxis, mopeds and cars. It’s a space saver, helping to reduce congestion and pollution. 

Voi wants cities all over Europe to be greener. And the people who live in those cities to be happier. We believe e-scooters can change how people move in cities. Voi’s vision is cities that are made for living—free from noise and pollution. 

Ride Voi in: 
Germany: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Potsdam, Lübeck, Augsburg, Erfurt, Moviepark (Bottrop)
Austria: Linz
France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux
Denmark: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Vejle 
Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Lund, Malmö, Helsingborg
Finland: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku
Norway: Oslo
Spain: Madrid, Malaga
Portugal: Lisbon, Faro 
Switzerland: Winterthur 

Download the Voi app and get magic wheels.