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4.78224 6071
 6071 votes - Productivity - First release: 2017-08-03T21:26:59Z

The Best Pomodoro Application. Work with this app to improve your productivity by breaking up after each working period. Features - Timer list - Relaxing sound player - iOS14 Widgets Support - App.. Read more

4.74362 2079
 2079 votes - Productivity - First release: 2019-09-02T07:00:00Z

Have phone addiction? Want to improve self-control? Want to remove distraction? Let Focus Plant help! Save barren landscape by turning your focus time into raindrops and growing adorable plants. Let.. Read more

4.72523 222
 222 votes - Productivity - First release: 2021-03-01T08:00:00Z

Have phone addiction? Want to improve self-control? Want to remove distraction? Let Focus Quest help! Focus Quest is a study timer and RPG mashup. Save Focusland by turning your focus time into reso.. Read more

4.83607 61
 61 votes - Productivity - First release: 2016-02-26T12:54:05Z

Tick is a simple Pomodoro tool while supporting todo and tasks list. Cultivate the habit of concentrating, starting from Tick. ======================================================= 1. Are you both.. Read more

4.79629 162
 162 votes - Productivity - First release: 2018-10-07T06:30:31Z

Join hundreds of thousands of happy users enjoying this simple way to stay focused and productive. Use Flow and get things done. Flow is a tiny but mighty app that helps you working on a task, studyi.. Read more

3.7807 114
 114 votes - Productivity - First release: 2018-11-03T05:29:44Z

Whether your studying to ace that test, starting a habit of reading more, sketching more, or increasing your word count, Pomodoro Focus Timer offers simple features to help you recharge your focus and.. Read more

4.86991 123
 123 votes - Productivity - First release: 2020-09-08T07:00:00Z

"A simple, but valuable utility for creating timed focus sessions of productivity." - MacStories "Focused Work helps you stay on track better than ever" - iMore "A tool that helps overcome that first .. Read more

5 42
 42 votes - Productivity - First release: 2021-05-18T07:00:00Z

Unplug is an app that combines Pomodoro Timer and flower arrangement to help you step away from a busy sedentary lifestyle to regain physical and mental balance. Unplug has a built-in Pomodoro timer o.. Read more

4.82727 110
 110 votes - Productivity - First release: 2020-07-30T07:00:00Z

- Do you procrastinate and spend your time mindlessly? - have problem with focusing? - often get distracted while trying to focus? - maybe you are burned out because you worked too much and forget .. Read more

4.75701 107
 107 votes - Productivity - First release: 2020-12-23T08:00:00Z

Welcome to Pomodoro Hero ! The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system that encourages people to work with the time they have—rather than against it This is about focus Using this method, you .. Read more