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4.5 1962
 1962 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2013-02-15T19:58:44Z

*** Happy April Fools' Day *** *** Download for FREE while it lasts! *** The biggest ever collection of PRANKS *** => All the best Pranks in one AMAZING GAME! Do you enjoy playing pranks on your fr.. Read more

2.5 788
 788 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2009-10-21T00:55:25Z

**** AVAILABLE FOR FREE**** What could farts be like without explosions to back them up! Experience the most epic farts available! Enjoy farting, simply start up and unleash the powerful prankster g.. Read more

3.0 236
 236 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2011-07-11T17:15:17Z

Limited Free for one day! Get it NOW!!! Best Joke App in the World! With all kinds of jokes, laughing for hours. You can also tell your jokes, and make it HOT to show your great humor sense! -------.. Read more

2.5 254
 254 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2009-10-30T22:46:37Z

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY! Enjoy the best type of flaming burp noises with your own Burp Flamethrower! If you thought burp pranks were great, step it up a notch and spread the heat. Time to set that bu.. Read more

2.0 290
 290 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2015-07-15T23:30:25Z

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Laser. Simulator Laser Camera joke - this is a game simulation of a joke application where you can play on your phone wit.. Read more

1.5 302
 302 votes - Games - First release: 2016-09-24T18:27:25Z

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Laser. Laser - Pointer to Cat Joke - a joke created by a simulator to play with a cat and a favorite pet. Direct the lase.. Read more

3.0 81
 81 votes - Utilities - First release: 2015-07-13T14:32:08Z

Place phone calls with awesome features and make it more realistic. :: Change Voice and Text-to-Speech Use a different voice for your phone calls. You'll fool your family and friends into thinking yo.. Read more

1.5 141
 141 votes - Games - First release: 2016-02-04T22:47:02Z

Hologram 3D hoverboard joke - this is a game simulation application hoverboard. You love to ride a hoverboard? I dreamed of a simulator on your phone? Try our unique game. For a more realistic effect,.. Read more

4.0 114
 114 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2015-10-16T02:33:13Z

Do you like to laugh? And who does not like to laugh? Now you can take with you a joke a day! Great, right? You'll have a complete list of funny and not (obviously) to be shared with anyone and sugg.. Read more

1.5 224
 224 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2015-06-18T04:51:10Z

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide the three Laser. Laser 3D Simulator 2 Joke - a game application simulator joke, where you can play on your phone with both 3D .. Read more