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4.66594 13546
 13546 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2008-12-31T00:33:32Z

At Fart World, we have all the farts you can dream of. There are so many ways to enjoy farts: Whether it be the classic soundboard, the "Fart After Me" memory game, the fartaphone, creating your own f.. Read more

4.63293 5634
 5634 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2010-06-15T17:37:56Z

NEWS FLASH: New High-tech precision farting technology available! Farting is now an ART. Fart Studio's innovative engineers have announced the release of new farting technology allowing users to crea.. Read more

4.34837 1794
 1794 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2010-03-09T23:53:54Z

Ever find yourself in a situation where you need to make some noise? Try tap-and-Fart! With Tap-and-Fart, you can choose from the following fart types: Standard Fart, Squeezed Fart, Gentle Fart, Quic.. Read more

4.54366 664
 664 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2019-02-02T08:00:00Z

Why pay for a stupid app when you can have one for free? :) Fart Cushion is the classic practical joke sure to embarrass all your friends. Place the device safely on couch or chair just like a norma.. Read more

2.8332 1253
 1253 votes - Music - First release: 2010-06-05T18:35:16Z

***Limited Time Free download! Download this ASAP! *** Enjoy playing an "epic" piano with fart sound. Fart Piano is one of the most famous Piano Apps and there are more than 12,000 ratings / review.. Read more

3.18031 721
 721 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2010-06-25T01:41:09Z

The Fart Machine comes with 45 different REAL fart sounds. All sounds are amplified, so everyone will here them. A great way to embarrass people at school, home or work. All your favourite fart type.. Read more

4.61101 545
 545 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2016-04-04T14:43:17Z

Fart Sounds Prank Machines allows you to choose funny sound effects to play on your phone. Play immediately, with motion detection, or on sound delay! Features include: * Schedule delayed sounds from.. Read more

4.44203 414
 414 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2008-12-12T20:10:44Z

You’ve discovered the Original and World Famous iFart® App. An Apple All-Time TOP 20 App. The definitive Fart Sounds app on iTunes. ---------------------------------- Featured on The Daily Show wit.. Read more

3.68675 332
 332 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2009-01-27T08:00:00Z

+ ** NEW ** Remote Detonator! + FART DRUMS! + SIMON FARTS! (Simon Says) + TIMED FARTS! + MOVEMENT DETECTION! + REPEAT option for TIMED and MOVEMENT modes! + 30 FART SOUNDS! + SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK OR E.. Read more

Fart Cat!

Summer Camp Studios Inc

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4.625 72
 72 votes - Games - First release: 2012-09-04T19:13:44Z

It’s Fart Cat! - the fun for all ages arcade game featuring the finicky kitty with the means to defend his personal space! Help him achieve solitude with two fun and flatulent modes: Fart Cat! and Far.. Read more