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Coffeewake - keep me awake!

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 6 votes - Utilities - First release: 2015-04-29T19:39:51Z


Description - 4+

Coffeewake for iPhone and Apple Watch is a useful and fun application to keep you awake!
Have you ever been forced to have to stay awake? How many times has it happened that you are so tired and you have to resort to many different kinds of remedies in order not to fall asleep?
No longer do you need to set boring and inconvenient alarm clocks!
Just one touch and Coffeewake will do it all for you!
With nap mode function you can set an alarm instantly with just one click.

Vibrations of caffeine-like boosts will be sent to your iPhone and Apple Watch to stimulate you.
Coffeewake is perfect to give you that extra bit of power when you need it.

How it works:
During operation, vibrations are sent to your iPhone and if you have Apple Watch, it will vibrate and the device will ring to get your attention.
You can also command Coffeewake from your Apple Watch. With a simple interface you can activate and deactivate it at any moment.
These discharges are of a variable frequency according to the settings.
If you fall asleep easily, just set a higher rate to get them closer together.
If all you need is a little nudge, just set a lower frequency; in this case Coffeewake will remind you every once in awhile not to fall asleep.
Discharges of caffeine like bursts are sent in the form of notifications and therefore it is unnecessary to manually intervene to stop them every time.
They will have an energizing effect, not an annoying effect like the alarm of an alarm clock that needs to be stopped manually everytime.
If you choose nap mode you set an alarm quickly with one touch to take a quick nap.

Coffeewake, simple useful and fun, you cannot miss out on this application!