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Lemonaid: telehealth & rx meds

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Description - 17+

Low-cost telehealth appointments & online prescription delivery.

Get affordable medical care with an online doctor or nurse practitioner from the comfort of home. We can deliver most prescription Rx in discreet packaging with fast and convenient shipping. Let’s get you feeling better soon.

At Lemonaid, we believe great healthcare should be affordable to everyone, even without health insurance. That’s why a virtual visit with an online doctor or nurse practitioner (NP) costs as little as $25. Plus, we offer low prices on many of the most popular prescription meds, so we can get you what you need for less. 

If you have medical questions or need a prescription, we’re here for you. Lemonaid meets you where you are with incredible doctors and nurse practitioners, expert healthcare, and affordable Rx meds, all from the comfort of home. 

We can help with
▪ Depression & anxiety
▪ Birth control
▪ Acne
▪ Insomnia
▪ Migraine
▪ High blood pressure
▪ Flu
▪ Herpes
▪ STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
▪ UTIs (urinary tract infections)
▪ Primary care (a virtual care appointment to talk about anything you want)
▪ Blood pressure
▪ Quit Smoking. 

The Lemonaid telehealth app is easy to use:

1. Download the app.
2. Select a service for your virtual appointment.
3. Share your confidential medical history.

And that’s it. Take it easy, and we’ll contact you for a phone consultation or video call with a Lemonaid online doctor or nurse practitioner if one’s required. The Lemonaid online pharmacy can send most medication with fast and convenient shipping. Plus, we always use discreet packaging. 

You’ll have your new prescription soon so that you can feel better, faster. Want to get your meds from your local pharmacy instead? No problem, just message us. 

Part of making incredible virtual healthcare available to all means making it affordable without insurance. That’s why Lemonaid charges just

▪ $25+ for a telehealth appointment 
▪ $10 - $65 for lab testing
▪ $75 for a primary care virtual visit  
▪ $95/month for ongoing anxiety and depression treatment, including meds.


It’s easy to get an appointment using the app. Select the type of healthcare you need and complete an online assessment to give us an idea of your health history. 

Then we’ll set you up for a visit with one of our trusted health care providers. All of Lemonaid’s doctors and nurse practitioners are board-certified and US-licensed, so you’re always in expert hands. 

Get to know one of our in-house doctors or nurse practitioners during your visit, and the same friendly team member will be available for any follow-ups. Lemonaid provides exceptional online medical care that’s both affordable and convenient.
With the Lemonaid medical app, it’s easier than ever to see a doctor or nurse practitioner from home. That’s right. You can get the health care and prescription Rx you need without ever leaving the house.

We take your privacy seriously. Our medical clinic protects your personal info, just like a regular doctor’s office. We use the same security encryption as an online bank for every appointment and offer secure messaging. 

We’d love to hear from you. You can reach the Lemonaid team 8 am - 5 pm PST Monday to Friday and 8 am - 12 pm PST on weekends. Call us at 415-926-5818 for live support or to let us know about your experience with the app. 

Lemonaid combines telemedicine and prescription delivery to get you feeling better fast.    

The app makes it easy to schedule an appointment with a medical professional. After you consult with a doctor or nurse practitioner, we’ll deliver your online prescriptions so you can get what you need without leaving the house. Download the Lemonaid app today!