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The Presidents - Flash Cards

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Description - 4+

Looking for a great way to learn the Presidents?  The Presidents app contains beautiful flash cards for all 46 Presidents of the United States.  From George Washington to Joseph Biden, portraits of each of the Presidents are displayed along with key information.

Quiz yourself by turning the information off in "Tap to Reveal" mode.  Tap on the flash card to reveal the President's name, number, and years in office.  It's a great way to test your memory.  Looking for a little more challenge?  Try shuffle mode where the Presidents are mixed out of order.  You'll rattle off the Presidents by heart in no time!

In addition to flash cards, there's a full list of the all of the Presidents in chronological order for quick reference.  Tap on a President to view details such as birth date, spouse, and Vice President.

The only thing you have to fear... is not being able to remember a President :)