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Pass It On! - Telephone Game

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 148 votes - Games - First release: 2015-01-11T18:47:50Z


Description - 4+

Game night was never so much fun! Chinese Whispers/The Telephone Game becomes your all new favorite drawing game.

Draw a word and then see if your friends can guess what you drew, then Pass It On!® See if you can trick your friends, or who’s drawing can get passed on the most!

With hilarious categories that are sure to get the party started, you’ll be laughing out loud all night long! Play with your friends for an awesome party night or with players around the world anytime anywhere. 

Save your fave drawings and share them with the world so the internet can laugh at you & your friends hilarious mishaps! Or be amazed by some incredible drawings.

Some of the awesome categories include:
- Crazy Objects
- PG13
- Weird Places 
- Video Games
- Super Villains
- The Movies
- And Heaps More!


Legal Info:
Some content may require additional purchases, the game is free to play. 
Pass It On!® is a registered trademark of DV Artz Limited. 
The Pass It On Logo is a trademark of DV Artz Limited. 
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