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For deeper study of Scripture.

Create Bible study projects. Study the Greek and Hebrew text (NA28, WLC, LXX, SBL) with the help of lexicons and parsing information. Benefit from cross-references and study notes with the most accurate and scholarly Bible translations. Compose complex searches of the original languages along with lightning-fast queries of the English Bible. Use the well-tested study methods of Arcing, Bracketing, Phrasing and Sentence Diagramming to get at the author's meaning. Share your work with others via groups, classes, links and email. Projects are automatically saved and synced with Biblearc on your Mac and PC.

“Arcing...has been the methodological key to all that I have seen in the Bible...” —John Piper

“An outstanding tool for serious study of the Bible.” —Justin Taylor

“I am thrilled that biblearc.com has added a bracketing module. This is an invaluable tool for studying the word of God.” —Thomas Schreiner

“The best part about knowing the biblical languages is tracing the argument. The main tool we use for this at Bethlehem College & Seminary is Biblearc.” —Andy Naselli

Approach the Scriptures via a variety of modules.

Search the Greek and Hebrew by lemma, parsing and word combinations.
Find the passage you are looking for quickly via the smart English Bible search.

A beautifully formatted Scripture reader with study tools available at a click.

Organize all the passages relevant to your study in a single place.

DISCOURSE (Arcing and Bracketing)
Study the logical flow of thought in a paragraph of Scripture.

Trace the argument of the author.

Study the syntax and grammar of the text.

Capture your thoughts, outline a Bible study or prepare a sermon. Scripture references are automatically detected and made clickable to a bubble that contains the passage.

Video-based resources to learn arcing and grow in your grasp of this study method.

Enjoy free scholarly texts and resources.

NA28 - Nestle-Aland 28th Ed. of the Greek New Testament *
SBL - Society of Biblical Literature Greek New Testament *
WLC - Westminster Leningrad Codex Hebrew Old Testament **
LXX - Rahlf's Greek Septuagint *
ESV - English Standard Version ***
NASB - New American Standard Bible ***
NET - New English Translation ***
KJV - King James Version
LBLA - La Biblia de las Americas (Spanish) ***
MHNT - Modern Hebrew New Testament
DHNT - Delitzsch Hebrew New Testament
VDCC - Dumitru Cornilescu (Romanian) ***

* Includes lemma, part-of-speech and parsings
** Includes lemma and part-of-speech
*** Includes cross-reference and notes