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Keep your home or business connected, protected and one step ahead with Alarm.com. Our technology connects your security, locks, lights, video cameras and more into a single system that protects you from crime, fire, carbon monoxide and even water damage.

Our all-in-one app for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch makes it easy to:

•	Control your entire property remotely
•	Know what’s going on with intelligent alerts and live video feeds
•	Automate your daily security routine and other time-consuming tasks 

Our Apple Watch-supported features make connecting with home or work as easy as checking the time, with alerts, video clips and a full range of smart controls accessible right on your wrist.

Note: This app requires a compatible system and an interactive Alarm.com service plan. Feature availability varies based on system, equipment, and service plan. Visit www.alarm.com for more information.

Our smarter home security features include: 

•	Control your security panel, locks, lights and more from anywhere
•	Get alerts when people enter and leave, or when there’s unexpected activity
•	Watch live and recorded video from indoor and outdoor cameras
•	Customize your video alerts to see specific activity only
•	Talk to visitors through your doorbell camera and unlock your door from the same screen
•	Use Scenes commands to activate multiple devices with one touch

Our smarter business security features include:

•	Arm or disarm your security panel across multiple locations
•	Get alerted if the store opens late or an employee accesses a restricted area 
•	Get smarter video alerts that highlight specific types of activity
•	Automate your lights, locks, thermostats and more
•	Track and manage access to multiple properties
•	Buzz open your access control doors from the Doorbell Call screen
•	Respond to alarm events and alert emergency personnel 

Dependable in emergencies and helpful every day, Alarm.com is the all-in-one solution for the connected, protected home or business.