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Description - 9+

Scan cards, organize your collection, and track fluctuating card prices with Cascade.

Manage your card collection, check current and past prices, and optimize your decks with the Cascade MTG iOS app. Our beautiful and modern interface makes it pleasing and satisfying to build decks, and helps you stay on top of the latest finance trends in the MTG community.

Core features:
• Scan your cards directly to your inventory, deck, or custom list
• Manually search for cards and filter by name, color, cost, set, and more
• Subscribe for push notifications when a new card is spoiled from an upcoming set
• Import your collection from an existing text card list
• Track your inventory and decks' net worth over time
• Manage and optimize your decks with in-depth statistics
• Create custom lists to organize your collection
• View real-time card info, including price history, format legalities, and rulings
• Track daily and weekly price updates to see which cards have fluctuated the most
• Configure your watchlist to keep tabs on specific card prices
• Dark Mode support
• Dedicated iPad layout

Several more features are being implemented and we're very excited to share them with you soon!

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