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Timestamp camera: Photo stamps

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 303 votes - Photo & Video - First release: 2020-03-21T07:00:00Z


Description - 4+

Individuals care for their time and love recollecting memories with Date and time of occasion occurring. So here we are with a new Timestamp camera: Auto Date Time Stamper App, you can without much of a stretch include Datetime text on Photo.

Effectively add watermark of photos and include captions for pictures that are caught by the built-in camera from Auto Timestamp camera. Copyright your photographs with logo and Signature stamp.

• Interesting Features:
1. Date and Time Stamp
2. Signature Stamp 
3. Logo Stamp
4. GPS Stamp

• Common features:
Stamp Toggle:  to ON/OFF Stamp

Format:  Select the format of datetime from the list of odd Formats.

Stamp Size: Ranging from T, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Select your choice of time and date stamp size & add it in pictures.

Stamp Style: You can select your Style from multiple options available.

Stamp Position: •Top Left  •Top Right  •Bottom Left  •Bottom Right •Horizontal •Vertical

Stamp color: change colors from available Options

• Extra Features:
Upload or Change logo Image: This is quite a unique Feature, where You can easily add Logo image wherever you want on the Screen

Logo Transparency: On a scale of 1 to 100, You can adjust the Transparency Level.

Why to have Timestamp Camera free Application in Your Smartphone?
• Auto Add date timestamp - Easily add datetime stamp to the photos.
• Auto Add Text On Photo - Write an illustrative subtitle to pictures.
• Image Protection - Auto watermark and secure your pictures by watermarking.
• Pre-planned stamps - Variety of effectively structured stamps are accessible for watermarking.
• To get time stamp photos  

Feel the astonishing difference between the photos you capture from your default camera and those which you captured with our Auto Timestamp Camera. So from now don't let anybody steal your pictures! Having copyright as in Text on photos is an unquestionable requirement! 

Go and Install Timestamp camera: Photo stamps App & start sharing your memorable moments with your dear ones.