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Countdown Widgets: Counter App

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 1491 votes - Utilities - First release: 2020-06-19T07:00:00Z


Description - 4+

Countdown app is a cool fun way to set reminders for important events in your life! 
Set a countdown timer in less then 2 minutes with our super easy to use app! Best of all it is completely FREE!

- Set unlimited number of countdowns for free
- Create unlimited number of event timer for free
- Set any background to perfectly reflect your countdown from our library or - from your phones photo library 
- Add your count down to your widgets to view your events quickly 
- Easily edit events quickly and easily 
- Choose the format in which you want to see your countdown 
- Set your countdown to repeat as often as you want! 
- Easily delete any countdown or event 

Download the countdown app now and countdown the minutes, hours, days, or years of your most important events!

Popular countdown timer ideas!
- birthday countdown
- vacation countdown
- retirement countdown
- sobriety countdown 
- anniversary countdown 

There is no better app to remind you of all your special events!!