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Fact #1: you can save up to 80% on your prescriptions. Every day. And did you know using the program is free? 

Fact #2: Did you know drug prices can vary drastically from pharmacy to pharmacy? 

Now that you know, get the instant-savings app from America's Pharmacy, the coupons that are honored by pharmacists nationwide! 

When you use the America’s Pharmacy app, you’ll find low prices on tens-of-thousands of drugs at YOUR OWN local participating pharmacy including when participating pharmacy offers $4 (or even $0!) prices on certain generics.

Get America’s Pharmacy Discounts - Free! 
◆ America’s Pharmacy is honored by pharmacists 
◆ America’s Pharmacy is recommended by doctors 
◆ You can save up to 80% on YOUR prescription at YOUR local participating pharmacy 
◆ Every America’s Pharmacy coupon is free 

Get America’s Pharmacy Discounts - Fast! 
◆ unlike other apps, we’re simple, easy, and quick 
◆ You don’t register! 
◆ Just show the app to your pharmacist to save up to 80% instantly! 

Why? Because America's Pharmacy is so easy: 
◆ You can find Your Prescription 
◆ You can select YOUR participating pharmacy 
◆ There is no registration required 
◆ You get free coupons within seconds of opening the app

No printer needed! 
You never need to print anything, just show & save!

America’s Pharmacy is 100% free to use. And every member of your family can use our app – there are even discounts for pet medications (these coupons are free to use too!). 

America's Pharmacy users say great things about our program. 

“This was more money than I saved with other cards. It might not be a lot to other people but saving an extra $83.20 per month makes a difference in a life like mine.” 

“My $1,400.00 dollar prescription was only $40.00 with coupon from Americas Pharmacy. Thank you very much. If I hadn't found this I would be doing without, very grateful. It's just unbelievable that there could be such difference.” 

“I can testify to this! I used them for my son’s prescription yesterday! It took it from $42 to $12.50... Thank you America's Pharmacy!!””

“Phenomenal discounts — so many great low prices can't beat it seriously. I love you guys.” 

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