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Did you know drug prices are very different from pharmacy to pharmacy?

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America's Pharmacy is easy-to-use:
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America’s Pharmacy is 100% free to use. Every member of your family can use our app. You can even use our app for discounts on prescriptions for your pets!

Here's what America's Pharmacy users are saying about our program.

- "This was more money than I saved with other cards. It might not be a lot to other people but saving an extra $83.20 per month makes a difference in a life like mine."

- "My $1,400.00 dollar prescription was only $40.00 with coupon from Americas Pharmacy. Thank you very much. If I hadn't found this I would be doing without, very grateful. It's just unbelievable that there could be such difference."

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- "Phenomenal discounts — so many great low prices can't beat it seriously. I love you guys."

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