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When you get a few spare minutes, dip into your family history research with the free Findmypast app. You can manage your family tree, discover historical documents, find new ancestors, add photos and more. 

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While you have a little downtime, you can:

Search for records
We’ve got billions of family records. Do a quick search from your phone and piece your family history together.

Add new relatives
Have your phone ready at the next family gathering. Add a new ancestor as soon as you learn about them. 

Share your findings with others
Show your discoveries to friends and relatives when it pops up in conversation, or text them. All it needs is a quick screenshot.

Receive record hint notifications
We’ll send them the moment we find vital records like birth, marriage or death certificates, Census records and tree-to-tree hints. 

Review your hints on the go
Quickly swipe through your hints and add them to your family tree. Or, reject them if they don’t look relevant. 

Add photos to your family tree
Upload snaps or a selfie from your iPhone. They personalise your family tree and help familiarise you with your ancestors. 

Upload records and more
As well as historical photos, you can add records, stories and more to your ancestors’ profiles. 

See the family structure
Get an overview of each ancestors’ spouse, parents, siblings and children in a simple list. 

Indulge your passion for family history anytime, anywhere. Download the Findmypast genealogy app to your iPhone now.