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Card Maker Creator for YugiOh

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 376 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-06-01T13:24:56Z


Description - 4+

Card Maker for Yugioh is a magic card creator that will help you create Yugioh cards quickly and easier than ever after. If you are a trade card game (TCG) lover or comic fan, you must have this app to create fantasy artwork like in this series. 
This app is NOT a dueling system and will not allow you to duel. This app is merely a tool to assist you with constructing decks for playing yu-gi-oh! And if you want to duel it with your friends, you can print it out and then play with another card creator! 
With this app, you can fulfill your card deck with monsters, spells, and rituals, then become a trading card master without spending money. 
- Simple interface, everything is only a few clicks
- Share deck links that can be imported straight into your friend's app
- Can edit your card after create
- Support multiple types and generations of Yugioh trading cards (normal, spell. effect, ritual, XYZ...)
- Unlimited creativity, you can capture everything into your cards. 
- Many free card themes to choose from. 
- Update Pendulum card.
New cards are waiting for you! Get our app and make your card now!  
Card Maker for YugiOh Duel TCG is just a tool and in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Konami Digital Entertainment. YuGiOh content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Konami Digital Entertainment. This app has been built by YugiOh fans.