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Migo – Find & Book Your Ride

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Download Migo and choose scooters and bikes from Lime and Bird, no-surge taxi cab rides from Carmel, Yellow Cab, zTrip, and more! Migo supports public transit options such as bus, train, subway, and light rail. Find, book, and ride - all within the Migo app!

Migo works throughout the US, France, and Canada! Our top cities include NYC, Boston, SF, LA, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, Austin, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Migo is free to use. No additional fees will be added to the cost of your ride.

Riders have used Migo over 1 million times - don’t miss out!

How it Works:

• Enter a destination

• Migo will show the available ride options near you

• Choose from available taxi, public transit, bike, and scooter options

• Compare price and travel time

• Book your ride

Your ordinary transportation methods won’t always be the best choice. Migo shows you all of the ride options available nearby, and lets you choose the one best suited to your needs. Need to get to the airport but don’t want to pay for parking? Let Migo find you the best public transportation route. Need to cover a few blocks in the city? Migo shows you the closest bike or scooter options from Lime and Bird. Does surge pricing have you down? Choose from our no-surge taxi partners.

If you would like to see Migo in your area, or would like to see a ride partner added, please send an email to [email protected] or tweet us @getmigo.

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