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Description - 4+

The Bay Alarm Connect Remote Services app gives you complete control of your Honeywell security system,  thermostats, lighting, locks and more, plus the ability to receive text messages and email alerts, view live video and see your video doorbell events, locate vehicles in real-time where ever you are 24 hours a day. 
Requirement: Compatible Honeywell security systems with a subscription to Bay Alarm Connect Remote Services. Please contact your security professional for additional information.
Feature Highlights:
·         Arm or disarm your security system
·         Turn lights on or off
·         Adjust thermostat temperature
·         Unlock or lock doors
·         Create Smart Scenes with a Wizard guide for convenience
·         View your live video and video events
·         See your SkyBell video doorbell events (iOS only)
·         Receive email and text alerts about events in your home or business including alarms, sensor activity, trouble conditions and more
·         Language support for: English, Latin American Spanish, French Canadian, Brazilian Portuguese
·         Secure Login with your fingerprint
·         Locate vehicles or assets
·         Create users and manage their security system codes
·         Test Drive Demo - All features may not come standard with your App