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Animation Pro brings desktop-class frame-by-frame animation to iPad.  Specifically designed for intermediate to expert level animators, Animation Pro includes a long list of professional tools, such as automatic lip-synching, cloning (for automated shadows and reflections), motion-blur and camera depth-of-field to produce stunning studio quality animations.

Animation Pro has been designed, from the ground up, for cut-out-style animation (i.e. creating posable figures and animating them from frame to frame).  Version 2.0 of Animation Pro, however, introduced the ability to draw upon figure body parts whilst animating making it possible to use Animation Pro for more traditional (hand-drawn) animation.  For more information regarding traditional animation in Animation Pro, please view the following video tutorial:



- Produce professional cut-out-style, stick-figure, traditional (hand-drawn) or stop-motion animations
- Add background images from your photo library or shoot them from within Animation Pro
- Add videos as background images and use the new drawing tools for rotoscoping
- Add figures, images, text, audio and clones to your animations
- Manage all of your assets using the integrated File Manager
- Use a Shadow Wizard to quickly add shadows to your figures
- See instant previews
- Use onion-skins to see the difference between the previous and/or next frames
- Copy and paste backgrounds, figures, frames and camera settings
- Key figure, item and camera properties across multiple frames
- Access web tutorials and nearly 500 pages of in-depth help (included)


Animation Pro provides all of the tools that you’ll need to create complex posable figures from one or more items.

- Select from a large library of pre-installed figures*
- Create your own figures using the integrated Figure Editor
- Move, scale, flip and rotate figures
- Colour, tint and set the opacity of figures
- Blur, distort, shear, accent and highlight figures
- Add glows, outlines and motion-blur
- Substitute figures as you animate


- Scale, flip and rotate the items within figures
- Colour, tint and set the opacity of items
- Bend items
- Substitute items as you animate
- Draw on image items whilst you animate


In Animation Pro, figures can be cloned to produce shadows, reflections or even an entire army of figures that animate automatically as the parent figure is changed.

- Control which aspects of a parent figure are cloned
- Use a Shadow Wizard to create realistic looking shadows


- Select from a large library of included sound effects
- See audio as a wave-form on the film-strip
- Record your own audio
- Add audio to frames or figures
- Automatically pan audio as figures move
- Automatically animate/lip-synch the mouths on figures
- Create your own mouths using the integrated Mouth Creator


- Pan, zoom and rotate a virtual camera
- Simulate camera depth of field


Animation Pro can automatically generate intermediate frames (tweens), between those that you create, to produce super smooth animations.

- Take full control over which features are tweened from frame to frame
- Override tweens with user-tweens where necessary 


- Export video (mov, m4v, mp4) with frame rates up to 60fps and resolutions up to 1920x1080#
- Export image sequences (with or without transparency)
- Export 3D (anaglyph or side-by-side) video or images 


Animation Pro allows the following items (that you create) to be exported or shared:

- videos
- projects
- figures
- images (and/or image projects)
- lip-synching mouths (and/or mouth projects)
- sounds

* Animation Pro can also import StickMotion Animation figures. 

# Animation Pro can produce videos and images in resolutions up to 1920x1080 from Retina devices.

For more information and tutorials, please visit http://www.hotjamdonut.com.au