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Sneakerhead Amino for Sneakers

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 29 votes - Sports - First release: 2015-07-07T23:45:11Z


Description - 12+

Sneakers Amino is the fastest growing mobile social network for Sneakerheads!

- Build a profile showing your passion for sneakers, trainers, and all things kicks
- Connect with other Sneakerheads around the world
- Discuss your favorite Jordans, Pumas, Nikes, and other shoes
- Gain a massive following by sharing your thoughts, finds, and creations
- Discover other members’ kicks guides, news, and releases

In Sneakerheads Amino, you can:

- Create polls and discussions to share with other Sneakerheads
- Show off your latest finds
- Share, discuss, and debate styles and releases
- Obsess over the latest news in the world of shoes and sneakers
- Connect with local Sneakerheads

Discover other Sneakerheads nearby and around the world who share your passion for Jordans, Adidas, Pumas, Reebok, and Asics. Post and chat about prices, guides, news, and releases. Ask and answer questions on the fly and search for expert answers on everything sneakers.

If you love Air Max, Air Force 1’s, Nike, high tops, mids, lows, Player Edition, Limited Edition, and Player Edition sneakers, or any other aspect of the sneakers universe, this is the right community for you!

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