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4.80258 170913
 170913 votes - Medical - iOS 10.0&up - First release: 2014-03-12T22:24:07Z

Baby Tracker features native user interface for both iPhone and iPad, and is the only log for your baby’s health that allows syncing among multiple de.. Read more

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4.7789 1972
 1972 votes - Medical - First release: 2014-05-02T07:28:56Z

Baby Tracker features native user interface for both iPhone and iPad, and is the only log for your baby’s health that allows syncing among multiple devices without compromising your privacy. Designed.. Read more

4.84837 9656
 9656 votes - Medical - First release: 2015-10-26T11:07:07Z

Hatch Baby--recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award--helps you track of all your baby’s most important growth and health data, including feedings, diaper changes, sleep, and much more. Get ins.. Read more

4.82673 5777
 5777 votes - Medical - First release: 2009-09-14T19:56:45Z

Picked by Apple as a featured App for Busy Moms, Baby Connect is the #1 all inclusive baby tracker in the App Store. Record feedings, nursing, naps, diapers, milestones, pumping, and the baby’s mood .. Read more

4.78366 453
 453 votes - Medical - First release: 2019-04-04T04:31:12Z

Talli Baby Tracker is the most flexible and convenient infant feeding, diaper, and sleep tracking app. Keep track of everything parents want to know and pediatricians ask about for infants and newborn.. Read more

4.72651 7313
 7313 votes - Medical - First release: 2016-05-25T09:37:28Z

Baby born? Congratulations! Download the Baby+ tracker app to help you track your baby’s growth, development and upcoming milestones. Plus read lots of supportive articles and watch breastfeeding vide.. Read more

4.69318 440
 440 votes - Medical - First release: 2016-10-24T03:20:34Z

BabyTime, App Store Best of 2016, is a baby activity tracker app to record all aspects of your baby’s care with a stylish, easy-to-use interface. Track and chart your baby’s developmental milestones, .. Read more

4.8343 2408
 2408 votes - Medical - First release: 2011-01-01T00:41:04Z

Baby Feeding Log is designed to be the easiest breastfeeding app and baby tracker for feedings, sleep, and diaper changes. You can quickly see the last feeding time and what side was used. Features .. Read more

4.70995 20066
 20066 votes - Medical - First release: 2016-02-25T07:17:06Z

From breastfeeding to diaper changes, log all your baby or toddler’s milestones and track development with Glow Baby. Access informative advice and log all of your newborn’s exciting milestones with .. Read more

4.87165 13183
 13183 votes - Medical - First release: 2017-07-04T18:17:53Z

Finally - sleep guidance, expert advice, and an easy baby tracker, all in one app. No matter your sleep situation, Huckleberry can help. Huckleberry’s like a sleep consultant in your pocket! Whether .. Read more

4.76389 7319
 7319 votes - Medical - First release: 2016-09-29T03:17:52Z

The must-have app for parents everywhere! From expert articles to daily tracking, Ovia Parenting has everything a new parent needs. KEY FEATURES ◆ Health tracking! Track diapers, feedings (breast o.. Read more