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4.8609 1325610
 1325610 votes - Utilities - iOS 14.0&up - First release: 2013-06-27T07:00:00Z

Tired of being tracked online? We can help. DuckDuckGo is the all-in-one privacy app that helps protect your online activities. With one download you.. Read more

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4.80434 245016
 245016 votes - Utilities - First release: 2016-02-19T18:55:32Z

With over 50 million users, Brave Browser is a lightning fast, safe and private web browser that prevents you from being tracked by ads. Now with Firewall + VPN, Brave Playlist and night mode! Reason.. Read more

4.67909 53464
 53464 votes - Utilities - First release: 2015-12-08T15:04:41Z

Use Firefox Focus for everything you want to keep separate from your main browser — for all those get in get out and forget about it moments. No tabs, no fuss, no muss. Block ads and online trackers t.. Read more

4.42856 46870
 46870 votes - Utilities - First release: 2015-11-12T05:17:25Z

Choose Firefox to be your go-to browser and help shape a better internet for you, your family and community. Download Firefox now for iPhone, iPad and Mac. When you use Firefox, you’re helping suppor.. Read more

4.6815 34132
 34132 votes - Utilities - First release: 2018-01-31T04:58:31Z

Cake is a next-generation web browser with built-in VPN that protects your privacy and provides the best search and web browsing experience available for mobile. Cake is designed to help you find answ.. Read more

4.5 286
 286 votes - Utilities - First release: 2020-04-06T07:00:00Z

Epic, one of the world's best-know privacy browsers, is now available on iOS. The Epic Mac & PC browsers have been rated excellent by PC Magazine, awarded 5 out of 5 stars by CNET, and reviewed favor.. Read more

4.25729 13238
 13238 votes - Utilities - First release: 2015-03-18T16:51:57Z

VPN Browser and Ad Block is the most secure and advanced browser that allows you to choose between the speed and ease of use of VPNs tunnel connection and the advanced protection offered by a secure n.. Read more


Illotros GmbH

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4.6631 374
 374 votes - Utilities - First release: 2016-08-12T16:30:30Z

SnowHaze – the best privacy you can get on iOS. SnowHaze is a strong open-source browser that truly protects your data. Enjoy the internet without compromising your privacy and security. SnowHaze offe.. Read more

4.68253 81087
 81087 votes - Utilities - First release: 2018-10-02T04:10:26Z

Fast, safe and private, Opera Browser is a beautifully designed web browser with a Red Dot Award for its stunning user interface. Enjoyed by millions of fans across the world, it’s built for people on.. Read more

4.63719 95522
 95522 votes - Utilities - First release: 2017-04-06T03:20:52Z

Get total internet privacy and anonymity when you use VPN by Open-VPN.org. You can get free VPN time with Basic mode by engaging with the in-app ads. For total internet privacy, you also get a free Pr.. Read more

4.49128 13583
 13583 votes - Utilities - First release: 2015-07-31T09:18:08Z

EXPERIENCE INTERNET PRIVACY Browse your favorite websites without trackers, cookies, or ads; download and store files privately. Keep your search, history & downloads private with an app passcode or T.. Read more