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4.14646 198
 198 votes - Reference - iOS 9.0&up - First release: 2013-02-23T22:24:32Z

Pokellector modernizes your Pokemon TCG card collection, bringing it all to your fingertips! You will be able to manage cards with one of the best Pok.. Read more

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4.16413 591
 591 votes - Reference - First release: 2014-09-17T17:44:07Z

A mobile app for Pokemon TCG players, and collectors! Collector for Pokemon TCG allows you to easily search the database for cards from various expansions. Collector's database includes all Pokemon T.. Read more

4.64545 110
 110 votes - Reference - First release: 2020-11-27T08:00:00Z

TCG Companion is an app to help you keep a track of you card collection. View all sets released so far, with all cards including reverse holo tracking! FEATURES • View all English sets • View all car.. Read more

3.4 10
 10 votes - Reference - First release: 2016-03-22T19:32:46Z

** This Online version retrieves all card scans from a server which greatly reduces the application's file size, recommended for WiFi use. For instant access to all data without a connection required .. Read more

4.89381 339
 339 votes - Reference - First release: 2010-06-26T18:12:08Z

MTG Guide gives you access to the latest Magic card text, card-specific FAQs/rulings and the complete Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules and Infraction Procedure Guide, all in an easy-to-read.. Read more

4.65093 911
 911 votes - Reference - First release: 2016-10-06T05:43:07Z

Lunar Phase Widget is a beautiful app and widget that shows up to date information about the Moon. The app elegantly shows the current moon phase, when the moon will rise and set based on your locatio.. Read more

4.80535 33224
 33224 votes - Reference - First release: 2011-11-12T00:14:59Z

Home of the sensational Deep Nostalgia™ feature! The popular app for building your family tree and testing your DNA. Research your family history, make amazing discoveries, and find new relatives. Enj.. Read more

4.93255 2239
 2239 votes - Reference - First release: 2015-06-04T06:40:53Z

With the PSA Cert Verification app, collectors can instantly check the authenticity of PSA-graded trading cards and PSA/DNA collectibles. Verify collectibles ranging from baseball and basketball cards.. Read more

4.58115 4787
 4787 votes - Reference - First release: 2011-11-03T17:12:12Z

Catalog and list a Blu-ray (Bluray, Blueray Blue Ray), DVD, VHS, 4K, TV, and movie collection with a built-in barcode scanner. Manager, scanner, profiler, releases, and more. View information, cover a.. Read more

3.61441 236
 236 votes - Reference - First release: 2018-08-02T16:22:48Z

GO Ranger is a field guide for Pokemon Go - keep up to date with the latest information in the game always at your fingertips. - See what you should look out for at a glance - Find out what bonuses a.. Read more

4.17123 146
 146 votes - Reference - First release: 2020-11-08T08:00:00Z

Welcome to moriibo \(^•^)/ The ultimate collector-card guide and checklist application. moriibo is the perfect amiibo companion app and management tool for gamers and collectors of all ages. It feat.. Read more