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Top 10 Apps like Calm

4.7695 1503143
 1503143 votes - Health & Fitness - iOS 14.0&up - First release: 2013-02-22T20:09:23Z

** Best of 2018 Award Winner ** — Apple ** 2017 App of the Year ** — Apple ** Happiest App in the World ** — Center for Humane Technology Calm is t.. Read more

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4.84957 903677
 903677 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2012-02-02T18:57:49Z

Meditate and sleep soundly. Headspace is your guide to practicing mindfulness in your everyday life. Learn how to relax, manage stress, and focus your energy to become more centered and well rested. C.. Read more

4.79036 16543
 16543 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2014-01-06T20:00:43Z

Learn to meditate and be more mindful with MyLife Meditation, formerly known as Stop, Breathe & Think. MyLife Meditation is an award-winning meditation and mindfulness app that offers daily wellness c.. Read more

4.76201 27438
 27438 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2019-02-22T23:53:05Z

"The app's 'noise-mixer' function is pretty ingenious." — The Wall Street Journal - Better Sleep: Relaxing Sounds & Meditation. - Relieve stress and be more productive! Sleep is here to help you to .. Read more

4.55158 17894
 17894 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2018-11-03T19:13:45Z

Avrora is a perfect sleep solution for those who would like to fall asleep easily and wake up energized with the help of special breathing techniques, meditation sessions, sleep stories, calming sound.. Read more

4.72908 51882
 51882 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2017-11-24T15:36:44Z

Enjoy calmer day times and quicker bedtimes with this award-winning sleep & mindfulness app for kids. Join the millions of parents who use Moshi to help their kids relax, unwind, and sleep with over.. Read more

4.89297 375839
 375839 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2009-11-05T18:55:12Z

* Apps of the Year Winner - TIME magazine and Womens Health * * More time is spent meditating on Insight Timer than all other meditation apps * * Happiest App in the World - Tristan Harris * The numb.. Read more

4.65061 4027
 4027 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2018-08-04T11:48:38Z

** 2018 App of the Month **— Apple ** 2018 New Apps We Love ** — Apple >>> What is Peace? Peace: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness is one of the best meditation apps. Meditations and sleep stories bri.. Read more

4.80319 28805
 28805 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2019-05-25T21:12:12Z

Clear your mind and relax with a unique audio visual meditation experience. Mesmerize combines engaging visuals with soothing psycho-acoustic music and expertly crafted guided meditations to give you.. Read more

4.62718 22531
 22531 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2018-08-04T02:59:51Z

Can’t Sleep? As recommended by Doctors and Sleep Scientists, Join over 4 million people already using Sleepiest to sleep better each night. Having trouble falling asleep at night? Download Sleepiest.. Read more

TIDE - Meditation & Sleep

Guangzhou Moreless Network Technology Co., Ltd

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4.84192 6364
 6364 votes - Health & Fitness - First release: 2016-02-16T18:27:57Z

Tide aims at physical and mental care through integrating sleep, meditation, relax, and focus into an app. Inspired by traveling, nature, and meditation, we have been providing massive audios includin.. Read more