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Top 20 Alternatives to HP Reveal

3.5 3.5
 1484 votes - Entertainment - iOS 8.0&up - First release: 2011-05-10T07:00:00Z

..HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) changes the way we interact with the physical world. Discover augmented reality (AR) experiences, create your own AR, and.. Read more

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5.0 456095
 456095 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2015-07-06T07:00:00Z

..The ORIGINAL coloring book! Join over 25 million users in a relaxing experience. Paint mandalas, patterns, animals, florals, and thematic images from our artists - or upload your own drawings and give.. Read more

4.0 4078
 4078 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2011-12-19T08:00:00Z

..AppFusion gives you six super-fun, classic, entertainment apps in one must have application! Download and you get: ● Shock: Realistic simulated lightning shooting from your fingertips. ● Steam: Tr.. Read more

4.0 1816
 1816 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-08-30T18:19:03Z

..Welcome to Barbie™ Fashion Closet - the perfect game to express yourself with fashion! Style Barbie and her friends from head to toe and help them make their dreams come true. Choose a character and.. Read more

Leo Augmented Reality Camera

Augmented Reality App & Augmented Reality Games & Apps & Camera LLC

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4.5 1567
 1567 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-09-27T11:48:22Z

..Leo is the #1 augmented reality app, allowing people to experience advanced AR. The app becomes a portal allowing anyone to augment their world around them. People can customize their surroundings and.. Read more

3.5 228
 228 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-12-04T10:22:16Z

..Introducing LEGO® AR Studio – a new augmented reality experience from LEGO® - where you can play with digital versions of selected LEGO® sets in your real-world scenes! Mix digital versions of selec.. Read more

4.5 24564
 24564 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2012-04-24T18:49:14Z

..A pool has been polluted by nuclear waste, a group of pests are just around the corner. We must stop them to infect our earth! The new experience of Real Strike (phone camera to scan the mark), funny .. Read more

5.0 135
 135 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2018-04-04T15:41:21Z

..Seek is an augmented reality platform that allows you to create, experience and share AR content, all in one app. Create 3D doodles, augmented reality portals, or search from thousands of 3D models t.. Read more

4.5 12021
 12021 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-08-22T19:42:37Z

..Relax as you easily uncover beautiful art with mystery coloring. Coloring has never been easier, more relaxing or inspiring. Follow the symbols to add color and turn a blank screen into something stun.. Read more

Wear 4D+

Octagon Studio Ltd

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3.0 29
 29 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2016-03-04T23:32:40Z

..Introducing the Wear 4D+ app, a mobile application specifically tailored to accommodate the implementation of Augmented Reality technology in clothing line. The Wear 4D+ app is an exciting way of un.. Read more

Paint AR

Jean-Marc Kampol Mieville

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1.5 60
 60 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-10-21T01:02:46Z

..Paint AR will allow you to paint and create what ever you want in the real world, as 3D paintings... Read more

5.0 559
 559 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2018-02-28T21:13:58Z

..Have you ever wanted to draw with words? Weird Type is an AR app that lets you paint with text in space! You can type your own phrases and pick from multiple modes and see your text in completely new.. Read more

3.0 737
 737 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2010-12-23T05:39:43Z

..* Major update with 400 brand new Rebus and Word puzzles. **NEW: How smart are you? Can you solve these rebus puzzles and riddles? With hundreds of rebus puzzles, riddles and brain teasers, this fun g.. Read more

4.0 11403
 11403 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2009-03-27T02:36:30Z

..Play the legendary original game that launched the First Person Shooter genre. You are OSA super agent B.J. Blazkowicz and you must escape from Castle Wolfenstein and defeat the twisted Nazi regime! .. Read more

3.0 122259
 122259 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2009-05-31T20:41:28Z

..Discover tons of the most hilarious pictures, hand picked specifically for your viewing pleasure! Read the top comments and join the witty community for even more fun. Create and share your own funny .. Read more

4.5 5913
 5913 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2018-06-03T23:26:17Z

..Hurray !!! Create Fake iPhone text messages quickly and easily with Text Now! Enter name and messages whatever you want to create for the perfect funny conversation. Save and share these conversation.. Read more

3.0 3916
 3916 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2010-03-11T20:53:44Z

..“iKnow Your Age” is iPhone/iPod Touch application which will surely blows you and your company away by revealing your age !. Great ice-breaker in parties and escape from usual talks. It’s a simple .. Read more

4.0 27
 27 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2016-06-23T16:19:32Z

..Welcome to the official New York Lottery 3D app! This is our next-generation Augmented Reality app that allows you to play in 3D and 360 so you can reveal the ticket outcome through an immersive, ente.. Read more

Civilisations AR

BBC Media Applications Technologies Limited

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4.0 31
 31 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2018-02-28T21:03:00Z

..Discover History's Treasures Putting history in your hand - the BBC's first ever Augmented Reality app 'Civilisations AR' brings art and culture direct to you from across the world. Discover the s.. Read more

Living Wallpaper HD & Weather

Voros Innovation & Business Services Pty Ltd

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4.5 1372
 1372 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2014-05-19T18:21:51Z

..Living Wallpaper HD offers a selection of beautiful, themed scenes that will add life to your desktop. From cityscapes and sunsets to far away galaxies - each with a cleverly integrated clock and weat.. Read more

3.0 717
 717 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2009-10-13T21:48:45Z

..*** FREE for a short period *** This is an application made to revive your day with positive energy. It allows you to reveal new born children pictures by the tap of your finger... Scrape anywhere on.. Read more