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Top 20 Alternatives to Smurfs' Village

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 533987 votes - Games - iOS &up - First release: 2010-11-11
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4.5 6474
 6474 votes - Games - First release: 2015-05-14

..Experience an all-new Smurfy adventure from the makers of Smurfs’ Village. One day the Smurfs discover a rare and wonderful magical meadow in the forest. Since there is no better location for a Smurfs village than a magic meadow, Papa Smurf collects all the Smurfs and moves them to the magical..... Read more

Smurf Life

Flashman Studios LLC

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4.5 13686
 13686 votes - Games - First release: 2012-12-06

..PLEASE NOTE: Smurf Life is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings. ------------------------ What's new in 1.15! - Marco Smurf joins the village! - Earn special rewards inclu..... Read more

4.5 2129
 2129 votes - Games - First release: 2014-05-06

..A mysterious power has descended upon the happy Smurf village, stealing the memories of all our blue friends save for the innocent Smurfette. Help sweet, little Smurfette uncover the mystery that looms over Smurf village as you traverse 160 smurftacular puzzle filled levels. Mix, match and, and s..... Read more

4.5 1510
 1510 votes - Games - First release: 2016-01-13

..*** SMURFS EPIC RUN: Experience the next generation runner game with gorgeous 2D graphics! Choose your favorite Smurf and embark on an epic adventure to free your fellow blue friends from Gargamel!*** Gargamel’s has casted an evil fog spell to capture all the Smurfs. The whole village is gone an..... Read more

4.5 129880
 129880 votes - Games - First release: 2012-03-28

..From the makers of Zombie Farm and Zombie Battle. Can you grow your tree to the sky and make it a home for 1 pet, 2 pets, 300+ pets? ** DISCOVER a kingdom filled with the adorable Caterpillow critter, Nautilus critter, Pandacorn critter and more! ** COLLECT them all, a tiny creature, an adorable..... Read more

4.5 35849
 35849 votes - Games - First release: 2012-08-01

..-= The App Store named Happy Street in App Store Best of 2012 =- Happy Street is a unique blend of cute city building, farming, trading and gifting with your friends. Build your dream village. Explore a variety of places, such as the peaceful forest to fish, farm, harvest, craft and cook. Visit..... Read more

4.5 321506
 321506 votes - Games - First release: 2013-03-04

..**Download the most addicting FREE mini golf game in the world!** ***Join over 10 MILLION others playing on over 70 holes on 7 fun courses!*** **** Play TODAY and get a free BONUS**** REVIEWS √ “I definitely recommend giving this app a try, and since it’s free, there’s no downside to downloading..... Read more

4.5 19756
 19756 votes - Games - First release: 2013-11-27

..Papa Pear Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga! It's a Papa Fiesta! Bounce your way through this unique puzzle game. Take aim and unleash Papa Pear to bounce and boing around a wacky world of fruity pegs, hazelnuts and crazy chillies. Exciting adventures await you in the ..... Read more

4.5 76582
 76582 votes - Games - First release: 2012-04-05

..Discover one of the greatest successes on the App Store and embark on a delightful journey through the Ice Age universe! Build a new home for Sid, Manny and Diego -- and our favorite nutty little animal, Scrat, of course! There's so much to discover above and beneath the ice! ***** "Awesome! Thi..... Read more

4 59946
 59946 votes - Games - First release: 2011-11-17

..You’ve conquered the trail, now it’s time to tame the frontier! Experience the next step in The Oregon Trail story, where you and your family can finally settle down and build a new home in the Wild West… ***** “Very addictive. I can't put my phone down” ***** “Great combination of building, so..... Read more

4.5 36427
 36427 votes - Games - First release: 2012-09-21

..Build a glorious kingdom, filled with breathtaking fantasy buildings, heroes and villains, and adorable animals. Explore the mysterious forest, raise animals, and battle monsters in an epic adventure! Seize your destiny! Rule the kingdom you build! -CRAFT Castle Gates, Wizard Towers, magic pot..... Read more

4.5 435995
 435995 votes - Games - First release: 2012-01-27

..The most popular home design game in the world with 10,000,000 players! Over 200,000 five star reviews and #1 around the globe! **DESIGN YOUR DREAM HOME!** Have you ever wanted to build, design and decorate your perfect dream home? Now you can in App Minis’ latest game, Design This Home™! Becom..... Read more

4.5 97019
 97019 votes - Games - First release: 2011-10-02

..*** Join more than 5 million fans in one of the top rated FREE games on App Store! *** Raise dinosaurs, build valuable shops and complete amazing quests in your own prehistoric village! As you turn your tiny town into a bustling nation, upgrade your Magic Rock to unlock new buildings, dazzling d..... Read more

3.5 37844
 37844 votes - Games - First release: 2009-03-27

..Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children is the second chapter in the award-winning Virtual Villagers series from the creators of Fish Tycoon. This is the same sensational game that became a smash Windows and Mac hit! Care for and nurture a tribe of little people by teaching them the basics of s..... Read more

4.5 10309
 10309 votes - Games - First release: 2013-06-20

..Explore this forest paradise island and become a hero. Challenge yourself and build your own town, city or farm by clearing out a jungle. Create beautiful spaces with your own houses, buildings, castles and collectibles. Have fun in this exciting farm simulation game. Things to do in this fun fi..... Read more

4.5 61990
 61990 votes - Games - First release: 2011-08-04

..> Get the Arcade Boat for FREE (Save $4.99) only for a limited time. Sharpen your swords and swing your rods, it's time to fish...the NINJA way! Join over 16 MILLION Ninja Fishing players - get this Top 10 Paid Game for *FREE*! * "A perfect example of what I love about mobile games." - IGN * ..... Read more

4 253567
 253567 votes - Games - First release: 2012-03-01

..THIS GAME IS LIFE-RUININGLY FUN! Homer accidently caused a meltdown that wiped out Springfield. D’OH! Now, it’s up to you to rebuild it! From the writers of The Simpsons, tap into a city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield... for FREE. * This app offers in-..... Read more

4.5 22346
 22346 votes - Games - First release: 2013-07-01

..BUILD YOUR VERY OWN VILLAGE IN STUNNING 3D! The dastardly Dr. Strangeglove is catching innocent Moshlings and turning them into naughty Glumps! It’s your mission to save the Moshlings and bring 'em back home to your village. With help from Buster Bumblechops, build unique, adorable houses & ..... Read more

4.5 171981
 171981 votes - Games - First release: 2011-06-09

..The creative geniuses behind Words With Friends are pleased to bring you your next word game addiction: Hanging With Friends! Hanging With Friends brings a brand new twist to the classic game of hangman that adds creativity, strategy and fun for all ages. Build mystery words to stump, amuse or ..... Read more

4.5 14220
 14220 votes - Games - First release: 2012-04-05

..Dreams and magic tales all in one beautiful fantasy world... 'Once Upon a Time' exists, in the all-new 3D social game, Magic Tree!! Imagine your own land with more than just one typical harvest... Magical trees filled with enchantments: sweet candy trees, sparkling jewel trees, cottony cloud ..... Read more