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4.79167 374320
 374320 votes - Book - iOS 13.0&up - First release: 2010-02-16T18:13:24Z

Discover stories that matter to you, from readers like you. Goodreads is the world's largest community of readers. Find new and interesting books by .. Read more

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4.15658 364
 364 votes - Book - First release: 2009-12-21T16:56:55Z

Forgot which books you have read? - Tired of buying books you already own? - Is the book available at your local library? - Want to tell others about what you are reading and share thoughts? There’.. Read more

4.27134 328
 328 votes - Book - First release: 2018-08-21T14:51:49Z

Join the best bookish community! BookSloth gives you the best personalized reading experience and connects you with readers everywhere for you to share your love for books. Discover your next favori.. Read more


Daniel Marques

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4.74722 1167
 1167 votes - Book - First release: 2016-02-12T19:49:01Z

Take control of your reading life. Use Leio to time your reading sessions and stay motivated. How many books did you start this year? How many did you finish? How long did it take to read them? Leio .. Read more

Marvel Unlimited

Disney Electronic Content, Inc.

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4.82317 41129
 41129 votes - Book - First release: 2013-03-07T08:00:00Z

Marvel Unlimited is the premier subscription service to access over 28,000 digital comics. Marvel Unlimited features all of your favorite characters from Marvel movies, TV shows, and video games. Rea.. Read more

4.69298 2280
 2280 votes - Book - First release: 2011-01-02T13:40:30Z

Enjoy unlimited listening and reading of audio books and e-books in English and other languages. Find new favorite stories through personal recommendations – discover everything from current bestsell.. Read more


Readerly, Inc.

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4.88235 170
 170 votes - Book - First release: 2020-10-07T07:00:00Z

*Readerly is currently invite-only, but we’re excited to bring more readers into the platform in the near future. If you don’t have a code, we encourage you to download the app and join our waiting li.. Read more

4.774 2093
 2093 votes - Book - First release: 2013-01-06T00:54:39Z

– E-books and audiobooks, including free books – Catalog updated daily – Save books and read offline – Personalized recommendations – Full synchronization between iPhone and iPad – Citations, notes, a.. Read more

4.73817 46389
 46389 votes - Book - First release: 2012-05-18T18:20:04Z

Love audiobooks? Crazy about podcasts? Come and browse our vast library of best sellers and listen to your favorite audiobooks and podcasts anytime, anywhere with Audiobooks.com. If you’re going on .. Read more

4.58737 8366
 8366 votes - Book - First release: 2016-12-07T00:01:30Z

Bookly helps you track your reading in real-time, manage your books, make a habit out of reading and see your progress over time. Add real books, e-books or audiobooks to your collections, track readi.. Read more

4.85586 3510335
 3510335 votes - Book - First release: 2010-07-10T19:50:29Z

Find listens for every moment. Choose binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, and genre-bending Audible Originals. Discover a growing collection of exclusive content made to be heard. Your listen.. Read more