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Top 20 Alternatives to Pimple Popper Lite

2.5 2.5
 142683 votes - Games - iOS &up - First release: 2009-10-12
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2.5 15369
 15369 votes - Games - First release: 2011-09-14

..Newly added Bye Bye Greys minigame! *** Psst, don't forget to check out our new WE WAX and HAIRYFY MY FACE apps for even more LOLs! **** Why is there a Hair Plucker app, you ask? Because it's PLUCKING awesome! ;) This new Version 3.3 includes two brand new girls and multiplayer mode through G..... Read more

3 2233
 2233 votes - Games - First release: 2009-04-27

..Whaaaa....a Pimple Popper app? Yes, it's true! Our app is so full of ooey, gooey goodness - it's an app you need to experience for yourself and even better when experienced together with friends! We always say - once you pop, you can't stop! :D This new version includes the "classic" game and two..... Read more

3 112
 112 votes - Games - First release: 2012-09-21

..From the creators of Pimple Popper, comes an app that allows you to ADD pimples to your pictures! Pop it like it's hot! Just like the game Pimple Popper, you get four types of pimples to stick on. Send a pimplefied picture of yourself and make someone's day! :) ** We have a brand new WE WAX a..... Read more

3 243
 243 votes - Games - First release: 2012-01-28

..Happy Holidays! Keep it simple and pop a pimple! Enjoy a brand new Holiday 2013 theme plus a bonus Snowman minigame. It's a winter wonderland. Plus, enjoy the ALL previous seasons included in Pimple Popper Seasons!! ;) By the same people who created the must-have app Pimple Popper! FEATUR..... Read more

3.5 603
 603 votes - Games - First release: 2011-05-11

..Do you love Ramen? Are you up for the challenge to be the best Ramen Master? Then get your noodle on and embark on a yummy journey into culinary excellence with our Me So Ramen app! Mix and match different toppings and soup flavors to appease your hungry customers. It's Me So Fun! ;) Try these ..... Read more

3.5 2222
 2222 votes - Games - First release: 2011-05-31

..*** This new version of Coffee Cafe includes a new Cupcake Mania minigame! Sweet! :D *** Every day is a good day for some coffee and cupcake! Coffee Cafe is the sweetest, most coffee-rific game ever! Start your day right with our Coffee Cafe app! Over 100 different order types to serve up to ..... Read more

3 169
 169 votes - Games - First release: 2011-11-09

..Jump it like it's hot! Sticky Jump is the most awesome jump rope game ever! Don't believe us? Give it a try and see for yourself! It's EXTREME rope jumping! 4 DIFFICULTY MODES: 1. EASY - 1 character 2. MEDIUM - 2 characters (starting to get tricky!) 3. HARD - 3 characters (Yikes!) 4. INSANE -..... Read more

1.5 5520
 5520 votes - Games - First release: 2010-03-13

..For entertainment purposes only! Pimples have feigned high schools for generations. Countless AV geeks and fast food workers feel the greasy, swollen sting to this day. Now this adolescent rite of passage has never been so fun thanks to Pimple Pop! To activate, shake or pinch your fingers acros..... Read more

4.5 658891
 658891 votes - Games - First release: 2010-03-18

..Solitaire by MobilityWare is the ORIGINAL maker of Solitaire with Daily Challenges. We’re ALWAYS updating our Solitaire to include fun new features! If you like Windows Solitaire, you're going to love this app. The familiar Windows Solitaire game you used to play on your computer is now available..... Read more

3.5 189
 189 votes - Games - First release: 2012-01-04

..Celebrate the holiday season with our holiday themed fish collection! Catch from 10 possible fish types - candy cane fish, present fish, Xmas lights fish, and more! So festive! So cute! Love to fish? Been playing aquarium type games? Then you’ll go GAGA over GOGO Fishing! In our game, yo..... Read more

3.5 299464
 299464 votes - Games - First release: 2009-05-16

..Unblock Me now have more than 100 Million Downloads !! Featured in the App Store's "What's Hot" list Featured in the App Store's "Highly Addictive Games" list Unblock Me FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to unblock the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks..... Read more

4 279
 279 votes - Games - First release: 2012-06-04

..Who loves donuts? We certainly do, and we show it in this donut dunking game! Toss donuts and donut holes into a huge cup of coffee free throw style. The best part? We've included multiplayer mode so practice hard to win bragging rights of the master dunker amongst your friends! FEATURES: - So..... Read more

3.5 97
 97 votes - Games - First release: 2011-11-19

..Play the most AWESOME ninja game ever!!! Play it to believe it! Train to be a Super Ninja by tossing different weapons in 50 different levels! Master not only traditional ninja weapons like shuriken and katana, but every day items such as a food tray, a credit card and crusty hard pizzas. Can ..... Read more

4 21420
 21420 votes - Games - First release: 2011-02-07

..We are the creators of Bubble Shooter Adventures license! Bubble Shooter Adventures is the most addictive and free bubble shooter game played by more than 6 million Players across the world! Aim, shoot, match and pop as many same color bubbles together as you can! Bubble shooter Adventures is ..... Read more

4.5 61990
 61990 votes - Games - First release: 2011-08-04

..> Get the Arcade Boat for FREE (Save $4.99) only for a limited time. Sharpen your swords and swing your rods, it's time to fish...the NINJA way! Join over 16 MILLION Ninja Fishing players - get this Top 10 Paid Game for *FREE*! * "A perfect example of what I love about mobile games." - IGN * ..... Read more

2.5 494
 494 votes - Games - First release: 2010-12-08

..Gross, grosser, PIMPLES! :) The best and fastest pimple popper game around. Challenge your friends for the biggest highscore or just make them scream and laugh. Nasty pimple popping action! TOP10 in some countries. NOW EVEN BETTER: take a booth photo and pick your own zits! ★★★★★ TRY NOW 4 FREE! ★..... Read more

2.5 32
 32 votes - Games - First release: 2011-09-15

..Have you been playing the Pimple Popper app and wondering what else can top that? Wait no further as the same people who created that app are proud to present Hair Plucker - a new GBA (Gross-But-Addicting) app for you! 3 types of hairs to pull out: short, long, ingrown. And yes, the same people t..... Read more

4.5 309802
 309802 votes - Games - First release: 2010-12-20

..Play Fruit Ninja like never before! We've rebuilt the legendary original slicing game from the ground up, adding fresh new gameplay and characters for new and existing fans alike! In the biggest addition to Fruit Ninja since launch, all Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect on gameplay. Wan..... Read more

4.5 86183
 86183 votes - Games - First release: 2012-06-28

..Play Fruit Pop, the original free "Match 3" fruit slicing game, with over 10,000,000 downloads worldwide! Connect colorful, animated fruits and make them explode to score as many points as you can before time runs out. Go fast enough and you will enter Frenzy Mode for super high scores and exciti..... Read more

4.5 159191
 159191 votes - Games - First release: 2010-08-27

.."[Zombie Highway] will keep you racing down that highway more times than you’re willing to admit." - Appadvice "Zombie Highway a sublime blend of ease, skill, violence" - "..this game oozes fun" - Slide To Play "..running from hordes of zombies is just so much fun... effortless..... Read more