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Top 10 Apps like Sun Signs: Horoscopes

3.0 102776
 102776 votes - Lifestyle - iOS 11.0&up - First release: 2009-10-07T23:54:28Z

Welcome to the Sun Signs Horoscope app! Curious what today, or this week, month, and year have in store for your zodiac sign? You’ve come to the right.. Read more

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5.0 16593
 16593 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2012-05-26T01:23:49Z

Get your Daily Horoscope, Weekly Horoscopes, Monthly Horoscope and Tarot Card Readings. Use the Daily Compatibility feature to find out which zodiac sign you are most compatible with. This app uses p.. Read more

4.5 12620
 12620 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2017-10-21T18:30:25Z

Daily Horoscope - Astrology is the best app for Zodiacs! Daily Horoscope is a horoscope application which is updated on a daily basis. Daily Horoscope provides you the most accurate and compelling fo.. Read more

4.5 14835
 14835 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2019-04-28T20:35:01Z

The most accurate zodiac predictions from the best astrologers! We are here to make your life easier, better and more sophisticated. An astrology app that can help to solve your problems. With Nebula .. Read more

4.0 1850
 1850 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2019-05-25T06:49:35Z

Nothing is more useful than knowing what awaits you in your career and personal life! Take a look into the future and learn more about your current emotional and physical well-being to make your life .. Read more

4.0 8487
 8487 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2019-03-24T20:05:42Z

Your personal helper with live fortune telling! 30+ experienced astrogers and future readers will create personalized horoscopes for you. Love, health, career, finance and much more. Find answers to a.. Read more

3.5 4807
 4807 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2018-09-24T03:04:14Z

Start your morning right! Daily horoscope and live palm reading is a perfect addition to your morning coffee. FortuneScope will reveal what the future holds in store for you. Consult our daily, monthl.. Read more

4.5 321
 321 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2013-08-06T02:41:11Z

*********************** Free Daily Horoscope DOWNLOAD NOW *********************** Want to know your nearest future? This simple application will tell you everything you need – daily, weekly and month.. Read more

Daily Horoscope 2020 by Yodha

Love Astrology and Horoscope Compatibility by Yodha Nepalese Vedic Center Ltd

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5.0 6581
 6581 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2016-09-27T11:11:25Z

Yodha daily horoscope app is a day to day insight into what zodiac signs have in store for you. Once a date of birth is set, horoscopes made by a team of astrologers will be available anytime on the g.. Read more

4.5 80083
 80083 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2017-08-22T06:42:04Z

Daily Horoscope Plus 2019, the most popular horoscope app, perfectly designed for astrology lovers! We partner with the most experienced astrologers to provide accurate data and predictions for all z.. Read more

5.0 96887
 96887 votes - Lifestyle - First release: 2010-04-04T21:53:21Z

The DailyHoroscope is a completely FREE horoscope application updated on a daily basis with the best daily horoscopes. The DailyHoroscope is THE MOST POPULAR horoscope app on many major smartphones​... Read more