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Top 10 Apps like Tecarta Bible

4.91014 30492
 30492 votes - Book - iOS 9.3&up - First release: 2009-08-15T21:47:05Z

Join the millions of users who love Tecarta Bible, the world’s best Study Bible app! It has never been easier to grow in your understanding of God’s W.. Read more

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4.90285 46806
 46806 votes - Book - First release: 2009-05-27T02:34:53Z

The Holy Bible - King James Version is a beautiful, easy to use, full featured Tecarta Bible app designed for quick navigation, easy note taking and powerful Bible study. The King James Version (KJV).. Read more

4.9093 3837
 3837 votes - Book - First release: 2009-04-15T02:05:42Z

The NIV Bible is Tecarta's Bible app and includes a local version of the New International Version (2011) of the Bible. You get a very fast app designed for Bible Study, quick navigation and easy not.. Read more

4.91308 1185
 1185 votes - Book - First release: 2010-03-10T22:00:34Z

The NLT Bible is Tecarta's Bible app and includes a local version of the New Living Version of the Bible. You get a very fast app designed for Bible Study, quick navigation and easy note taking.  No .. Read more

CBN Daily Devotional Bible App

The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc

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4.85873 1982
 1982 votes - Book - First release: 2012-04-27T22:03:12Z

Read, study and listen to the whole Bible while immersing yourself in specially crafted Christian devotions! Each day a unique, inspirational scripture meme accompanied by a hand-picked devotion from .. Read more

Bible KJV


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4.84307 8966
 8966 votes - Book - First release: 2012-08-10T16:39:09Z

HOLY BIBLE ( BIBLE KJV ) - FREE Read God's Word without internet. The app was conceived to propagate and make The Christian Bible studies easier through reading and listening anytime and anywhere, wi.. Read more

4.84267 13189
 13189 votes - Book - First release: 2016-05-13T17:43:40Z

"Where the word of a king is, there is power" (Ecclesiastes 8:4). You have just found the best tool to study the Word of God, the Exhaustive Strong's Concordance with the King James Bible and other l.. Read more

Online Bible

Cross Link Services B.V. Apps

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4.81185 1536
 1536 votes - Book - First release: 2013-11-08T17:30:41Z

Online Bible: Easy to use, with advanced study features This app helps you read and study the Bible, find relevant passages and get a better understanding by examining the greek and hebrew source thr.. Read more

4.90303 1846
 1846 votes - Book - First release: 2017-02-27T19:24:22Z

Welcome to the Tyndale Bibles App! This app comes with a streamed version of the complete New Living Translation Bible text, as well as full-access to many popular Tyndale titles to try for a limited .. Read more

4.90521 1688
 1688 votes - Book - First release: 2011-12-10T08:00:00Z

Welcome to the all new, full-color NIV Study Bible! The world's bestselling, most comprehensive Study Bible is now available for iPhone and iPad. Featuring stunning full-color video, photographs, map.. Read more

4.75171 4672
 4672 votes - Book - First release: 2015-05-03T04:28:48Z

Free Holy Bible App, NIV Bible,Daily Verse,Quiz is the best Application to carry God’s Word. Have the Holy Bible at your fingertips anytime and anywhere you go. This daily Bible App contains the 66 b.. Read more