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4.75565 929
 929 votes - Entertainment - iOS 9.0&up - First release: 2017-02-23T21:27:08Z

A Rotom has made residence in your smartphone! RotoGO is an Unofficial Pokémon Index (Pokédex) app inspired by the popular video game franchise Pokémo.. Read more

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Chris Pritchard

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4.66632 1924
 1924 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2014-03-20T23:31:43Z

Dexter is an app I decided to make in my spare time because I like Pokémon and I like making apps. It is completely free and I have no plans to add any in-apps or any of that rubbish, I just wanted th.. Read more

Pokémon Playhouse


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4.29406 1231
 1231 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-09-21T12:35:03Z

In Pokémon Playhouse, your child can interact with all kinds of cute Pokémon as they explore various locations, including a tower, lounge, and outdoor playground. Every location within Pokémon Playhou.. Read more

Pokémon Pass


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4.37789 2678
 2678 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2019-05-02T04:21:26Z

See What’s In Store with Pokémon Pass! Pokémon Pass connects you with great Pokémon reward activities when you visit participating retailers in your area. Sign in with your free Pokémon Trainer Club .. Read more

4.72952 14471
 14471 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2020-03-06T08:00:00Z

Create your own unique fan made Pokemon style cards from over 750 card backgrounds from the latest expansions! Includes Sword and Shield, Sun and Moon, XY plus Trainer and Energy cards! All stages an.. Read more

2.97959 98
 98 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2016-09-10T09:52:14Z

Get the coordinates for rare Pokémon nests on Pokémon GO!View the nest live status and coordinates! - Find global Pokémon nests! - Easily copy coordinates of any Pokemon by simply taping on it. - Fil.. Read more

Pokémon TV


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4.73433 47837
 47837 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2013-02-12T14:17:02Z

Download the re-designed Pokémon TV app, complete with awesome new features and even easier navigation! Watching your favorite Pokémon animated adventures on all of your devices has never been easier... Read more

2.77778 9
 9 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-01-11T03:35:45Z

Full Pokédex for all Pokémons including new Pokémon from Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. All Alolan forms, Mega Evolutions, and event Pokémons are included. Get all the information of every Pokémon at you.. Read more

4.325 1000
 1000 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-04-18T15:16:19Z

Do you like PKM-related things like visuals, gameplay, cute pkms with great skills? And do you really like PKM marked cards? And Card Maker for PKM will help you create cards with images, content, or .. Read more

3.2766 94
 94 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2017-06-06T14:44:15Z

This is the one and only official app for Bulbapedia, the community driven encyclopedia for Pokémon. The app has everything from our wiki. Every guide, every article, every Pokémon fact, it's all here.. Read more

4.76954 89842
 89842 votes - Entertainment - First release: 2012-01-10T08:00:00Z

SHOWTIME ANYTIME is available at no additional cost as part of your SHOWTIME® subscription through participating providers. To sign in to the SHOWTIME ANYTIME app use the username/password you receive.. Read more