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 655 votes - Photo & Video - First release: 2015-05-30T08:01:00Z


Description - 12+

Dayflash is the fastest & most immersive photo & video sharing experience on mobile. It’s a fun way to share your life’s moments, to express yourself visually—and to connect with a community of people from around the world. Discover fresh photos, meet new friends—and be visually inspired!

• Let’s face it! Finding people to collaborate with is hard. Now you can use simple and fun collab tools such as 1) Collab Requests and 2) Search Filters to easily find the right people for your next Instagram or YouTube shoutout, photo edit, podcast episode, pet illustration or even Fortnite game. With Dayflash’s Collab Request feature, there’s an endless variety of collabs that can take place each week between many different kinds of people.
• Post Collab Requests that other users can privately like (i.e., express an interest in) in a single tap. 
• Then as you engage with others on Dayflash (or tell your friends and followers on social media about your collab requests on Dayflash), you can see who's liked your Collab Requests, view their profile—and message anyone who might be a good fit for a collab with you.
• This makes it faster, easier and more fun to find the right people for your next collab—or simply to connect with new people.
• Plus, you can use simple Search Filters to find new accounts by geolocation, interest and collab request.

• Share photos and enjoy hashtag-less discovery—tag your account once, and you’re all set to be discovered as you engage.
• Share photos in a unique and immersive fullscreen image display format—a format that makes people’s photos look more beautiful and lifelike than ever before on a mobile photo sharing app.
• See the latest photos from the people you follow on your chronological Home feed (no algorithm & no more missing posts!)
• Capture fullscreen photos and videos in HD (1080p)
• Post photos & videos to followers of your 24-hour Dayflash—and then pin your favorite images to your profile grid later.
• Explore a real-time feed of photos and videos posted today from accounts you might like.
• Give and receive likes and comments; and follow accounts you love.
• Use Direct Messaging to chat privately with your friends and new connections.
• Use simple and innovative collab tools to elevate your creative game (and your network) to new heights.