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Version 2.1:
With version 2.0, the entire structure of calendar has been rebuilt.
So what's new?
-Auto sync with cloud: App will automatically sync your events across all of your devices. (Requires to be signed into iCloud and have access to internet)
- Apple Watch: Connect your watch and the app will automatically sync all your upcoming events up to 4 days ahead to your watch.
- Built for iOS 13. (Some features are not available for iOS 12)
- Calendar: New calendar design, with selectable days; press and hold a day to see options to add event or task for that day. Switch between months by swiping left or right. And go back to current month by tapping month and year at the top left or right corner. 
- Calendar: Gregorian,Persian calendar. (Affects the entire calendar, widget, and Apple Watch)
- Categories: Group you're events and have them searched or removed by their category name.
- Convert Dates: Convert from Persian or Gregorian to Chinese. And Persian to Gregorian or vice versa.
- Dates: Show or hide Persian or Gregorian dates from the app.
- Export as PDF: Pick the period, dates, and the category you would like to export, and the app will take care of the rest by generating a PDF file.
- Export to iPhone Calendar: Export all the events under a chosen category to iPhone Calendar.
- GoTo: Go back or forward up to 200 years within the calendar.
- iPad redesign: New design for iPad which would take advantage of the bigger screen.
- iCon Badge: Improved and enhanced the capability of icon badge, switch between event badge or current day at any time, and you are able to see the set notifications for your badge in notification page.
- Improved Day Page: Look through the day by hours and switch between months by swiping left or right.
- Language: English, and Farsi. (Affects the entire calendar, widget, and Apple Watch)
- Menu upcoming events: Input up to two phrases or words and the app will go through the upcoming month to find those events for you every time you launch the app.
- New Widget: Legible and simpler design, compatible with iOS 13 dark and light mode. Events within widget are now selectable which force to launch the app to present the selected event.
- New Task Page: Have your task completed and organized in Task page.
- New and Improved Search:Suggestions now show you every categories that have been added to the app. Search results are now selectable which give you the option to edit or remove an event entirely from the app.
- New Add Page:Set custom repeat occurrences (Daily,Weekday, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). Option to repeat an event endlessly. Hours are now based on AM and PM system. Having multiple options to set notifications. And new set of colors.
-Press and hold any day would show you how many days left or has or have passed from today since the selected day. (This feature is only available on iOS 13+)
-Quick Task for today: Add a task by just tapping once and start typing.
- Siri Shortcuts: Create shortcuts to open the app or add an event. (With Siri Shortcuts you can change the app name).
- Themes: Pick from 40 different colors that set the accent color and choose between three main colors that change the background.
- 3D Quick Actions: Press and hold the app icon to pop up; add event, add task, convert, and search.