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Unicorn Secret Diary with Lock

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 850 votes - Productivity - First release: 2018-06-09T07:13:21Z


Description - 4+

Do you want to record your everyday activities or special secrets? Maybe you have a new crush, or your friends did something fun? Or maybe you just want to vent about something that happened? Unicorn Secret Diary with Lock is all you need! Write all your thoughts and memories in a secret diary calendar that you can lock and keep safe from the eyes of intruders.
Make a new entry every day, write a title, attach photos and emoticons to express your emotions in the best way. Keep all your secrets and private thoughts out of reach with the cutest UNICORN DIARY with lock!

Features & how to use:

Make unlimited entries every day!
Calendar view and a list of all your writings!
Lock option – with a pattern, touch ID or a pin code!
Easily modify or delete entries!
Write a title for your memory, attach photos and beautify your diary page with cute emoticons!
Use the search option to find an entry by date or keyword!
Your memories are saved on iCloud so that they are available on both your iPhone or iPad!
Share your memories on social networks – if you want to!

Keep track of your daily events, secrets and feelings! Just open your digital diary and write a new entry whenever you want. Each time something exciting happens, you can write about it, leave a comment and express your mood!
Choose a lock option to hide your important notes and events and rest assured that it won't give away your secrets! We guarantee you complete data privacy! Describe your feelings and thoughts to make your daily routine more interesting with this incredible private journal!!!