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Current - Bank for Modern Life

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Current is the bank for modern life. Current is a Visa® debit card and mobile app that connects your money to friends, family, brands and experiences that matter in ways that suit your lifestyle.

Receive your paycheck up to 2 days faster with direct deposit
Receive your refund immediately after swiping at any gas pump.
See personalized information on how much you are spending, and where you spend the most.
Create a Savings Pod and easily set aside money using recurring transfers or round ups. Add a goal to track your progress and see how your savings grow in real time.
Easily deposit checks straight from your phone.

Parents manage accounts for each of their teens and can deposit money instantly, keep an eye on spending with real-time alerts, and know they have given their teens the tools they need to learn financial responsibility. 

Each teen account includes a Visa® chip and pin debit card, in their name, that allows teens to spend online, in stores, and use ATMs. It even works with Apple Pay.

Direct deposit allows working teens to get their paycheck deposited into their Current account, and with account numbers they can get paid with electronic checks, and connect eCommerce and payment platforms. Teens can also earn money from chores, pay or request money from friends, and even give to charity. 

- Spend the way you want with a Visa® debit card
- Shop online, use Apple Pay, and more
- See your balance so you know how much you can spend
- Set savings goals and track your progress
- Round-up purchases and save a little every time you spend
- Deposit your paycheck electronically with direct deposit
- Earn money for chores and task (get paid for them fast)
- Donate to millions of charities through the app
- Request money from siblings and friends or pay them back


Parents get visibility into their teens spending with real-time alerts that show where transactions are happening. You can instantly transfer money to your teen, no matter where they are. If they are out with friends, or traveling outside the country, sending them extra money is easy. Current takes only a few minutes to setup and conveniently works with your existing bank account. 

- Visibility into your teens spending with real-time alerts
- Schedule allowance in advance so it happens automatically
- Send money to your teens instantly
- Connects to your existing bank for easy transfers
- Any adult with a bank account can contribute

Transparent Pricing:
Current charges a simple, annual subscription. Unlike prepaid cards and many student checking accounts, we have:

- no transaction or transfer fees
- no minimum balances or minimum transfer amounts
- no overdraft fees
- no activation fee or inactivity fees

- Pause the card right from your phone to prevent unauthorized spending. 
- No overdraft fees -- transactions larger than the card balance are declined
- The latest security, including an EMV chip on each debit card
- Ensure your privacy with fingerprint and facial recognition locks.

This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.