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Get buzzing with the biggest headlines from trusted news sources and trending content in an all-in-one news and entertainment app. TopBuzz curates your news, interests, and must-see viral videos into a powerful feed.   
Customized Just For You 
• Personalized feed that’s tailored to your tastes  
• The more you use it the better your feed gets 
• Improve your feed just by blocking or reducing content you don’t want to see 
Full Coverage on Trending Topics
• Go deep with a collection of handpicked articles, videos, tweets from our editors
• Follow the story and any latest developments
• We cover politics, sports, entertainment, and more
Local News
• Keep up with news in your hometown 
• Crime, sports, community, government, and regional news
• Know the weather at a glance
Quality News and Publications
• CNN, The New York Times, Reuters,USA Today, Bloomberg, Time, TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, Vox, Daily Mail, HuffPost, NowThis News, and more
• People, Entertainment Weekly, Money, Fortune, Time, Foreign Policy, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Life, Travel + Leisure, Road & Track, Popular Mechanics, and more
• Local coverage from network affiliates and newspapers 
Follow Channels 
• Add some spark to your news feed with subjects you’re passionate about 
• Channels: U.S., Videos, GIFs, Funny, Entertainment, Sports, World, Politics, Science, Health, Tech, Business, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Gaming, Travel, Culture, Cars  
• Stay up to date with the latest stories though push notifications 
If it’s buzzing, we’re covering. Download TopBuzz Today. 
You can contact us at [email protected]