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Digit: Save Money Easily

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 178530 votes - Finance - First release: 2016-03-08T04:35:18Z


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Managing your money can be hard. Saving money for the future is even tougher. But what if you could easily save a little bit, only what you can afford, every single day? 

Digit is your smart financial assistant, helping you to achieve your goals. Without even thinking about it. Pay off debt, plan a vacation, save for a house, or, put a little aside in a rainy day fund. Save your money, easily and securely, with Digit.


1. Digit analyzes your spending habits.
2. And automatically moves the perfect amount to a secure Digit account.
3. So that you can manage your savings and achieve your financial goals.

Join the finance revolution that's saved users over a 2.5 billion dollars. Featured in Business Insider, Elle, Bustle, Money Peach and US News, Digit helps you to manage your money and improve your financial health. 

- Save the perfect amount of money every day based on your income and spending.
- Save for an unlimited number of goals, with recommended timelines for achieving them.
- Pay off more of your debt, with precise amounts determined by your income and spending habits. 
- Get overdraft protection with notifications for when your account balance is low.
- Withdraw your money as often as you like. No fees, no minimums.
- Earn 1% annually on your Digit savings. That's 11X more than most savings accounts!
- Bank-level encryption software keeps your funds and personal information secure.
- FDIC-insured banks maintain your Digit savings, insured up to a balance of $250,000.

Digit is completely free to try for 30 days. After your trial period, a monthly subscription costs $5 and can be canceled anytime. 

Let Digit help you to pay off debt and manage your savings, so you can sit back and enjoy your life.