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4.70305 9591
 9591 votes - Finance - iOS 10.2&up - First release: 2015-07-23T07:51:17Z

Are you self-employed, an independent contractor or agent? Do you freelance, have a gig, or drive for Uber or Lyft? Hurdlr’s business expenses and mil.. Read more

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4.85776 11129
 11129 votes - Finance - First release: 2015-08-21T05:13:49Z

Everlance users find an average of $7,500 in potential tax savings each year. Everlance is a 100% automatic mileage tracker & expense log. Everlance uses GPS to create an IRS compliant mileage log a.. Read more

4.65874 55438
 55438 votes - Finance - First release: 2014-08-30T22:45:11Z

Are you self-employed, a freelancer or an independent contractor? Organize your finances with QuickBooks Self-Employed and let us help you find your tax deductions! Put more money in your pocket with .. Read more

4.81034 20174
 20174 votes - Finance - First release: 2015-10-12T19:27:50Z

Stride is the FREE mileage and expense tracking tax app that helps you save thousands on your tax bill, all year round. It automatically maximizes your mileage deductions, imports expenses, helps you .. Read more

4.47403 1675
 1675 votes - Finance - First release: 2015-05-09T03:13:30Z

Do you drive for Uber, Lyft or another platform? Use the ultimate rideshare driver assistant to boost your earnings 30% or more with automatic mileage tracking, expense tracking, and smart driver Pro .. Read more

4.84832 567
 567 votes - Finance - First release: 2018-01-06T03:21:47Z

Hop in your car, turn on Veryfi Logbook Mileage Tracker, close your phone, and hit the road. Your business-related travel will be automatically tracked and recorded while you use the app, hands-free .. Read more

4.89846 325
 325 votes - Finance - First release: 2018-01-04T05:23:14Z

Swift Miles, helps business users and ride-share drivers, like Uber and Lyft save money annually on IRS tax deductions. Swift Miles simplifies mileage tracking, using automatic trip detection, autom.. Read more

4.63868 25653
 25653 votes - Finance - First release: 2013-01-15T08:00:00Z

MileIQ automatically tracks and records your mileage in the background as you drive your car for business. MileIQ users save an average of $7,124 per year. Tracking your miles for tax deduction purp.. Read more

4.73196 4436
 4436 votes - Finance - First release: 2013-01-17T02:12:30Z

TaxSlayer takes the stress out of tax filing, with step-by-step instructions and a 100% accuracy guarantee. Easily prepare your federal and state tax return using your smartphone or any device. Choose.. Read more

3.70874 206
 206 votes - Finance - First release: 2019-02-10T16:30:00Z

Rydar 2.0 is an AI-based assistant app for rideshare and delivery drivers. Driving for multiple services? Rydar will solve all your pain points: assist you with finding high-demand areas, suggest big .. Read more

4.5 5012
 5012 votes - Finance - First release: 2008-08-20T01:50:38Z

Track your trips, increase your 2019 deduction! MileBug is the reliable GPS mile tracker that makes it easy to track your trips and related expenses so you get the tax deduction you deserve. • Hit #.. Read more